Microsoft MVP
for Directory Services Programming

ADSI Programming

ADSI in Delphi, using COM objects

See this page for some hints, tips and tricks, and Delphi helper classes for ADSI programming.

This also contains the freeware Delphi ADSI Browser for your convenience.

ADSI in C# using the .NET System.DirectoryServices namespace

The .NET System.DirectoryServices namespace is a convenient wrapper around the lower-level COM ADSI API's. It's quite neat for many things, but falls short of totally replacing the COM stuff. If you're doing more than just changing a user's password, you'll need to delve into the COM ADSI API's at some point....

This page shows you a few code samples and a few tips I've learnt along the way while writing BeaverTail and while answering questions in the various ADSI related newsgroups.

For more detailed info, check out the System.DirectoryServices Programmer's Guide at the Microsoft MSDN web site - it's worth it!
Also, check the main Active Directory MSDN Page for continuing updates and technicle articles!

This also contains the free open-source ADSI Browser called BeaverTail for your convenience.

What is the Microsoft MVP program?

Microsoft is recognizing professionals who are active in online discussion and support groups (such as newsgroups, web forums, and so forth) with their "MVP" (Most Valuable Professional) award. This award does not include any direct financial benefits, but gives the MVP's access to Microsoft, gives them technical resources (some of them not normally available), and serves as a recognition for the efforts those professionals put in on their own, in their spare time.

For more information on the Microsoft MVP program, see this page here.

I was made MVP for "Windows SDK" (or more precisely: for Active Directory Programming) in Sept 2002, and have enjoyed working with some quite extraordinary experts in the field - both inside and outside of Microsoft - ever since. Thanks guys! It's a pleasure working with you.

Links to other ADSI / Active Directory Programming sites

These are some of the guys that I've had the opportunity to see and chat with in the various ADSI newsgroups - their sites are well worth checking out!


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