Using ADSI in Delphi

I've been an avid Delphi programmer ever since this tool appeared on the market.
My previous job has exposed me extensively to ADSI, the Active Directory Services Interface.

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Combining the two can be tricky and somewhat thorny in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, it's quite a nice and powerful interface to deal with Active Directory, Windows NT, IIS, Novell Bindery (Netware 3.x) and Novell NDS systems.

I'll be posting some of my info, tips & tricks on how to effectively and efficiently use ADSI from within Delphi. For now, you can check out my two articles that I wrote for "The Delphi Magazine":

Both articles are available in the print issues (back issues can be ordered from the Delphi Magazine web site), or on the "Collection 2005" CD-ROM which contains all of the great issues of TDM, from the premier issue in 1995 to Issue 120 (August 2005). Highly recommended!

Searching in ADSI

The TADSISearch component that I described in my article in Issue 62 can be downloaded and used free of charge. Please do not alter the component, please do not claim it's yours - it's free to use, but I still retain the copyright on the component. If you do use it, please let me know via e-mail, or send me a postcard of your hometown!

Active Directory Helper Package

This zip file AD Helper Package contains a number of Delphi helper classes for ADSI - things like ADSI error codes, some Delphi wrappers around the calls contained in ActiveDs.dll, a Delphi class wrapping up the IADsADSystemInfo interface, and a few more things.

Enjoy and use at your discretion!

Active Directory Domain Info

This sample utility shows you how to use the TADsADSystemInfo class (contained in the AD Helper package), and gives you an impression of what you can get from that class.

AD System Info

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