BeaverTail (written entirely in C#)

BeaverTail ADSI Browser

Download my freeware and open-source BeaverTail ADSI Browser, written in C#. You may peek at the code, see how things are done, and incorporate that code and knowledge into your own projects at your discretion. All I'm asking is that you do not

System requirements


Current application version: 0.9.0 -

To install, just copy the three files contained in the ZIP archive to a directory of your choice - no complicated install, no registration of any DLL's or OCX's needed - that's the beauty of .NET!

Source code for version 0.9.0 -

The source code for BeaverTail contains a number of files, the most important of which is frmMain.cs - the main application form, which also contains the majority of the actual code (at least for now).

Why BeaverTail? What's up with the name?

Thought you might ask ;-) There's no real connection between a beaver's tail and Active Directory, right?

Well, it's really quite simple - I just needed a nice, catchy, short name for that new project of mine. At the time, I was just back from a 3-year stint of working and living in Eastern Canada (Halifax). A BeaverTail is a local specialty in Ottawa, a (most often) sweet, warm pastry treat, shaped like a beaver's tail - lovely!

See the Beavertails Pastry web site for more information on the story of their treats - and if you ever get to Ottawa, by all means try one!


If you have any feedback, please do let me know!

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